What makes a good villain? How about a sheer desire to destroy them? Some of our favorite Marvel villains are so diabolical and so much fun to hate.

Thanos Copter First Appearance

But, was that always the case with our favorite MCU villains? After seeing the original comic book incarnations of Marvel’s rogues gallery we were peeing our pants from laughter, not fear. Here’s a look at 12 Marvel villains compared to their laughable comic book cousins.

AbominationHulk Abomination Villain

The Abomination first appeared in the comics in the 1960’s. Creators, Stan Lee and Gil Kane wanted a villain that was bigger and stronger than the Hulk. Turns out they also made him dumber and uglier.

The original Abomination looks more like an oversized fish than a force to be reckoned with. Say what you will about the Incredible Hulk film, but as far as Marvel villains go, the movie did a great job creating a hatable villain that could actually match the Hulk’s strength.

CrossbonesCrossbones Marvel Villain

We haven’t really seen Crossbones yet in the MCU, but we have seen Brock Rumlow in The Winter Soilder. Rumlow was a Hyrda operative inside of S.H.I.E.L.D. and we know he’ll be back to play a pivotal role in Phase 3 as part Captain America: Civil War. We’re also expecting an entirely new, more sinister get-up.

Last week, actor Frank Grillo tweeted about his excitement to play the character. Bring it on Frank, Bring. It. On!

“I laugh at your super powers ” Grab your hammers and shields and what ever else you need. I’m ready” #X pic.twitter.com/A6iFUXEBEh

— frank grillo (@FrankGrillo) April 26, 2015

Crossbones first appeared in the comics in the 1980’s. Could you tell by the costume? There’s definitely a Pulp Fiction / Gimp joke we can make here, but we’ll leave that up to you.

KingpinKingpin Compared Daredevil

Kingpin first came to the Marvel Universe in The Amazing Spiderman issue #50. But today, fans more cloesly associate him with Daredevil. He’s big, he’s fat, he’s a criminal mastermind. But he also has a taste for the finer, more luxurious side of life.

Vincent D’Onofrio brings all of those aspects of the character to the MCU, in Marvel’s first Netflix series; Daredevil. Just remember not to mess with the dude that has a big gem in his tie, he’s probably busy making omelettes… or something.

MalakithMalakith Thor Dark World

We know Malakith as the ruler of the Dark Elves and primary Antagonist in Thor: The Dark World. In many ways he’s a bit of a throw-away villain. Dark World did a lot to set up the next chapter of Thor’s trilogy, but many fans just saw the film as a stop-gap to Phase 3.

Maybe thing’s would have been different if Marvel had adapted the character from the comics more literally. What happens when you combine Dolly Parton’s hair style with Mick Jagger’s stage presence? That’s pretty much Malakith’s look in the comics… and it’s scary, in a very different way.

MandarinMandarin Iron Man Comics

Okay, so maybe Mandarin isn’t a real Marvel villain in the MCU (then again, maybe he will be). Still, his character made for a great plot twist in Iron Man 3, and Ben Kingsley performance added a lot of credibility to the Mandarin on screen.

In the comics, however, the Mandarin is one of Tony Stark’s chief antagonists. He’s a genius scientist and a superhumanly skilled fighter, but that Fu Manchu definitely isn’t doing him any favors with the ladies.

Yellow JacketYellow Jacket Ant-Man

We’ll see a lot more of Yellow Jacket in the new Ant-Man movie this July. In the comics he was both a friend and enemy to the Avengers. If the new Ant-Man trailer is a good indicator, then expect to see some epically tiny fights between Yellow Jacket and Ant-Man.

Ulysses KlawUlysses Klaw Villain Black Panther

Ulysses’s Klaw’s first appearance in the MCU came in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Klaw is a physicists and arms dealer in the film, who sells Ultron his precious Iridium metal.

In the comics, Klaw is the primary villain in the Black Panther series. We’ll undoubtedly see him again in Phase 3 of the MCU, for the stand alone Black Panther film. He looks like he just got off safari, only this guy leans more poacher than he does tourist. Just don’t role a 7 twice in a row the next time you play Jumanji.

RonanRonan Comics

Hide yo’ kids, hid yo’ wife. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan Ronan was one scary Kree alien. He rose through the ranks and eventually became the third most powerful ruler of his empire.

In a way the film’s interpretation of Ronan stayed pretty true to his original comic book incarnation. Somehow though, the 1960’s version feels more Mother Theresa than it does intergalactic warlord.

Red SkullRed Skull Marvel Villain

Although we didn’t really see his face for the 2nd part of Captain America, Hugo Weaving did a stellar job portraying Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger. I mean, what could be more menacing than a gestapo head honcho? We’ll how about one who’s head is just a big blood-red skull? Red Skull is the one Marvel villain on this list, who’s been around for over 70 years and hasn’t significantly changed at all.

Bottom line… Nazis make the best Villains! We hope they find a way to resurrect Red Skull in time for Infinity War.

LokiLoki Marvel VIllains

Loki is a fan favorite villain in the MCU. That’s probably why Marvel has kept him around for so many films. The trickster has the unique ability to transform into anyone, which we see in this hilarious scene in The Dark World.

The questions remains, if he can transform into anything, why dress up like Peter Pan? I guess tights are cool in Asgard.

UltronUltron Comics Marvel Villains

Joss Whedon’s take on Ultron brought a new kind of Villain to the table. Ultron was a just tragic. He thought he could save the world… by eliminating the human race. If we look back to the early renditions, it’s clear that Stark tech took some time to get to where it is today.

Early Ultron looks more like a wind-up toy with a PEZ dispenser for a head. Of course, Ultron in the MCU had a big mouth as well.

ThanosThanos Avengers Villain

Now for a villain that may be the most important to Marvel.Thanos is the Darth Vader of the Marvel Universe. In most runs, he makes the other Marvel villains look like mere minions. But if we look back to some of his early appearances, Thanos is utterly disrespected.

First, is this famous shot on his throne. On the left, we have Thanos the Destroyer, a mastermind dictator and outer-space warrior. This guy practically eats Avengers for breakfast. On the right, he looks more like a lego version of Jabba the hut. And that’s not even the worst of it…

Old Thanos Comics

In an early run of spider man. Thanos is portrayed as a clumsy oaf that trips over rocks and picks on little kids. This guy is a joke!  Then of course, there’s his getaway vehicle. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Thanos-Copter. Because, you know, when you can travel across millions of miles in space, you’re going to need a helicopter to get you off earths atmosphere. Oh yeah, and let’s make sure to get that big Thanos logo on the tail, just in case we’re unclear on who’s flying this thing.

Thanos First Appearance

The 60’s were a different time. Who knows? 50 years from now we could be looking back and laughing at the Marvel villains of today. Find one that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, or share you’re thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook.