Almost 12 films and 4 TV shows into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and we’ve already seen the tentpole Marvel heroes and villains. But what Marvel’s decided to show us on screen so far doesn’t come close to the decades of history from the comics. Here are just 12 ways Marvel can explore uncharted territory.

1. More Scarlet WitchScarlet Wtich

In the X-Men comics, Scarlet Witch is arguably the most powerful mutant in the universe. We’d love to see her become a more important character to the MCU as well. For example in the House of M comic series, Scarlet Witch becomes so depressed that she creates an alternate reality for herself and the rest of the Avengers team. It wold be amazing to see Marvel use this in the MCU as a way to explore an alternate timeline. What if Cap was never frozen in time? What if Banner never became he Hulk? This way, just like in House of M, Marvel could dive into entirely new storylines without seriously effecting continuity.

2. Bring Back Agent CoulsonAgent Coulson Returns

I hear Tahiti is a beautiful place! Most Marvel fans think of Coulson as the glue that keeps the the Avengers together. Up until he was killed in the first Avengers film Coulson has the most total screen time of any cast member in the MCU. Of course, if you watch Agent of SHIELD you know that Coulson is alive and well, he just hasn’t made his way back onto the silver screen. Joss Whedon and Executive Producer Kevin Feige likely want to avoid confusion by brining him back to the film, but we think it’s worth making it happen.

Coulson is the reason the Avengers came together. We know know a huge rift is about to form between the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. Marvel could surprise us with the reappearance of Coulson as a way to rekindle the bond between the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

3. The Guardians of EarthGuardians of the Galaxy

We’re pretty sure that Marvel’s going to bring the team from Guardians of the Galaxy to Earth at some point. Most likely they’ll come in during Infinity War to help the Avengers take down Thanos. We also know that Chris Pratt is signed on for two additional Marvel films outside of Guardians of the Galaxy. Can we expect an epic team up movie? How bout Rocket Raccoon and Groot take on the Hulk? Or, we could see an entirely female super team with Gomorra, Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch. We fully expect Marvel to bring together the cosmic and Earth bound sides of the MCU in Phase 3 and 4.

4. Kamala Kahn’s Ms. MarvelKamala Khan Ms. Marvel is Born

We already wrote about Kamala Kahn’s origin story and shared some thoughts as to why a Kamal Khan TV show might actually happen. She would be a perfect addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for two reasons. First, as a Pakistani-American teenager she ads so much needed diversity to the team. Second, she represents a chance for Marvel to reach a completely new audience on television – beyond just die hard super-hero loving neck beards. Make it happen Marvel!

5. The Punisher on NetflixPunisher Netflix Show

With the addition of Netflix shows like Daredevil, A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, it looks like Marvel is using Netflix to showcase the MCU’s darker, street-level heroes. Although the last Punisher film failed miserably at the box-office, it’s time to bring back Frank Castle on Netflix for a new gritty action-drama. In the comics, Frank Castle is set up as a foil to Captain America’s boy-scout righteousness. The difference being that Cap came out of World War II and the Punisher, Vietnam. Same guy… different war. Just one aspect of the character that we’d love to see the Netflix series tackle.

6. A Low/Mid Budget FilmMarvel Found Footage Film

To date, every Marvel film has been a high budget blockbuster. On average marvel is spending just about $175M per film. And those are just production costs. A typical marketing budget is easily just as much. We’d love to see Marvel experiment with a handful of mid-budget films to shed some light on some of the darker corners of the MCU. For example, a “found-footage” film (the Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield) could dive into the lives of real people during key MCU events, like the battle of New York. Or, a World War II film focused on the Howling Commandos, closing out the war, and dealing with the loss of Captain America.

7. Matthew McConaughey as Norman OsbornMatthew McConaughey Norman Osbonr

With the upcoming addition of Spider-Man to the MCU in 2017, fans are starting to wonder which villains the web-head will go up against. As the “big-bad” in the Spidey-verse you can count on seeing Norman Osborn and Oscorp play a major factor. If the rumors are true, then Marvel wants Matthew McConaughey in the role. Alright, alright, alright. Frankly, we’d like to see McConaughey in any role in the MCU, but as a villain – he could realistically carry the plot forward for Phase 4 and potentially a new line up of Avengers.

8. The New AvengersThe All New Avengers

Speaking of the a new Avengers line-up… Today, the Marvel comic book universe is more diverse than ever. The New Avengers team is made up of a female Thor, a teenage Pakistani-American Ms. Marvel, a teenage Hispanic-American Spider-Man, the Falcon as Captain America and an Android (the Vision). As the pieces start to come together Marvel needs to bring this younger generation of heroes to the big-screen.

9. One for the VillainsMarvel Thunderbotls

A hero is only as good as the villain they’re facing. It’s time for Marvel to feature a villain or an anti-hero in their own film. Not unlike DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad, fans are speculating that Marvel will bring together the Thunderbolts. In the comics, this super-villain team is lead by Norman Osborn, with Moonstone, Bulleye, Radioactive Man, and Venom (among others) in the starting line-up.

10. Something Completely DifferentNew Marvel Super Hero

The strength of the Marvel films is that they’re based on characters that fans have loved for years and years. Marvel built on the stories from the comics and brilliantly adapted for mainstream audiences. However, now that the MCU has established a more than a solid foundation, we’d love to see Marvel take some risks and introduce heroes that are entirely new. Marvel is looking at the comic book world as a well full of properties they can build on. But there’s no reason they should be limited to existing characters. Let’s see if Marvel can use the MCU to launch completely new IP.

11. A Black Widow Film/Show

When Marvel announced that they were doing a female super-hero film, most fans thought it would focus on Black Widow, not Captain Marvel. We couldn’t be more excited for Captain Marvel to get her own film, but now that Marvel has set up the character of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, it’s time for them to pay it off with her own story. We think a James Bond style thriller would be perfect for Natasha Romanov, only his time flipping all the gender norms. We love this fan made intro, for example. Additionally, ScreenRant recently made a case for a Black Widow Netflix show that would allow us to dive event deeper into her origins and backstory.

12. This Epic Ant-Man + Hawkeye Team UpHawkeye Ant-Man Final

Finally we need to see this moment happen on screen. Now that we know that  Ant-Man and Hawkeye will share the sceen in Captain America: Civil War and likely The Avengers: Infinity War, we just need to see this happen. Ant-Man on the tip of Hawkeyes arrow getting launched from one building to another only to to make himself big, just in time to knock out a villain. Let’s make this happen!

Hawkeye Ant-Man GIF
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