For those of you that don’t know, Captain Marvel is in many ways Marvel’s version of Superman. Her alter ego and real name is Carol Danvers. In a nutshell – Danvers starts out as a pilot that swiftly rose through Air Force ranks, and received super powers after encountering alien tech from our good friends, the Kree.

The Captain Marvel film isn’t set to come out until 2018, but if her story line is similar to what we’ve seen in the comics – we may see her introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. That said, we’re expecting a Carol Danvers casting announcement, any day now.

Natalie Dormer Carol DanversMarvel is is setting up Danvers to take over Captain America’s mantle as the future leader of the Avengers, the only question is, who’s best to take on the role? Here are 8 options that would make us beyond excited to see Captain Marvel in action.

Emily Blunt
Emily Blount Carol Danvers Casting

Emily Blunt is our top choice for Danvers. No question. We know she was originally in the running to play Black Widow, back in 2010, but ended up turing the role down.

Now, Blunt has another chance to join the MCU as Captain Marvel. In Edge of Tomorrow, Blunt played an epic sword wielding, alien killing, warrior. If she’s even half as tough and charming in the Captain Marvel film, then she’ll absolutely crush it as Danvers.

Natalie DormerNatalie Dormer Carol Danvers

You might know Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones or the latest Hunger Games film. If the rumor mills are for Carol Danvers casting is right, then Dormer will get the job. We’ve seen her name pop up more than anyone else.

She’s at the right stage in her career to take on a super hero role. The question is… Can she carry a summer blockbuster? Frankly, we think she’ll do a stellar job.

Katheryn WinnickKatheryn Winnick Carol Danvers

Kathryn Winnick comes form a long career on TV. Based on her role as Lagertha on Vikings, we know also know that Winnick can handle action like the best of em’. We totally buy her as a super hero, and eventual leader of the Avengers team. However, given that Marvel is looking for a younger take on Carol Danvers, it’s less likely we’ll see her in the role.

Tessa ThompsonTessa Thompson Carol Danvers

Tessa Thompson is one name we haven’t seen too often in Carol Danvers casting rumors. Thompson could bring a completely fresh take to the character. Most notably she co-starred along side Krysten Ritter in Veronica Mars. We know Ritter will be playing Jessica Jones in the upcoming series, Jessica Jones. So why not bring Tessa Thompson into the MCU as Captain Marvel?

Gillian JacobsGillian Jacobs Carol Danvers

Gillian Jacobs is easily our favorite character from Community. She’s smart, she’s funny, and she always seems to know exactly what to say. I’d love to see her get into a spat with a super villain in the Captain Marvel film.

Jacobs would be a bold choice for Marvel, but ultimately unlikely to make the cut.

Yvonne StrahovskiYvonne Strahovski Carol Danvers

Yvonne Starhovski is another seasoned TV vet, and she’s no stranger to action. If Marvel is looking for a lesser known actress to fill the shoes of Captain Marvel, Starhovski would be a solid choice.

Mackenzie DavisMackenzie Davis Carol Danvers Casting

Mackenzie Davis would be the hipster take Captain Marvel. She’d be more of a soft spoken, more collected hero that still packs a serious punch. She’s another risky choice, but she’s sort of a blank slate when it comes to the role.

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence Carol Danvers

Okay, a lot of you on Twitter are saying that you’d like to see Jennifer Lawrence as Carol Danvers. Ultimately I think she’d do a fine job. Additionally she has a massive fanbase, which is very important when it comes to drawing audiences for a first film in a new franchise.

At the same time, I don’t think Marvel is looking at her for Carol Danvers casting. A celebrity of this size can be distracting to the role. Marvel tends to pick Actors right before they break into the big time and for that reason, we think J-Law is out of contention.

Who do you want to see in the role? Let us know what you think in the comments below.