You might not know the name Takashi Okazaki but theres no doubt you’ve at least heard of the original series Afro Samurai. Set in feudal Japan with a techie feel and a hip hop beat, Afro Samurai meshes genres like the best of them. The show stars Samuel L. Jackson as the Afro Samurai who has vowed to take revenge against his fathers killer, Justice (voiced by Ron Perlman).


Based on the manga of the same name, the initial 5 episode TV run was aired originally in 1999, and was met with critical acclaim and a long tail following that continued to grow into two feature animated films and an Xbox 360 game to boot.. If you haven’t seen the show yet, now would be a good time to dust off that Blu-ray player. (Afro Samurai Director’s Cut).

He’s a cool motherfucker.

Oh and by the way… the soundtrack, which is also worth a listen (Spotify), was produced by the one and only RZA, who seems to be getting his hands in everything we love as of late. See our story re: RZA’s latest movie and AMA on Reddit.

But enough about Afro Samurai. Today we’re highlighting two original works form the creator of the show, Takashi Okazaki. Takashi developed the show and characters as a teenager, and though he’s watched the show and franchise grow, he’s always been an artist at heart. Okazaki is featured over on our friends site at Tokyo Otaku Mode, click or tap on the image below to learn more.

Takashi Okazaki Collectible ArtworkTakashi Okazaki Collectible Artwork

The beautiful prints highlight the currently on-going  Ninja Slayer series which we’ll be diving into in a future post.

What’s on your wall? If you’ve got artwork like this in your place, send us a photo at @razor_io on Twitter.

Be like Afro Samurai, stay sharp


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