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Part 1:The Origin of AKA Jessica Jones
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AKA Jessica Jones is the second original series Marvel is producing on Netflix. The first 13 episodes are set to drop this fall, so we’re diving back into the comics with a re-cap of the back story and full profiles of our main characters.

AKA Jessica Jones Netflix

If it stays true to the comics, the show is going to explore two pivotal questions. What does it take to emotionally break a super hero? and How does a former super hero rebuild their lives after facing serious trauma? Jessica Jones is a cynical, edgy, and jaded ex-cape that’s simply trying to keep hope alive.  Her story is dominated by dark memories, and the more she tries to escape her past, the more it continues to resurface.

Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter on the show) first appeared in the the series Alias (Not to be confused with the TV series). Alias was the first story published under Marvel’s “Max” brand. Marvel Max was introduce to compete with DC’s Vertigo comics, and gave creators free reign to explore mature subject matter for adult audiences. Written by Brian Michael Bendis in 2001, Alias was very well received by fans and critics alike. The initial run established Jessica Jones mainstay in the Marvel Universe.

AKA Jessica Jones Polariod

In Alias, Jessica Jones is a private investigator. She tackles various cases from clients aiming to take advantage of her super hero connections. It’s likely we’ll see her reach out to the likes of the new Ant-Man, Scott Lang or Captain Marvel (AKA Carol Danvers) to help her solve a case. It’s hard to tell how the show will be structured on Netflix, but AKA Jessica Jones could feature a new case each episode, with Jessica’s backstory sprinkled in throughout the season.

Speaking of her origin story, in Alias, we don’t actually learn about Jessica’s past until the latter part of the series. Once we do find out, the story is told through a conversation she’s having with her lover, Luke Cage (portrayed by Mike Colter).

AKA Jessica Jones Luke Cage

It all starts with Jessica as a girl in high school. At this time her name was Jessica Campbell. In the comics, she went to the same high school as a young Peter Parker just before he became Spiderman. Jessica had a huge crush on Peter, and one day worked up the courage to tell him how she felt. Unfortunately this was the same day that Peter was bit by a genetically modified spider.

Peter was a little busy becoming Spiderman so he ended up ignoring Jessica altogether. It’s unlikely that Netflix will adapt this origin story as Spiderman will have a very different role in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.AKA Jessica Jones Netflix

Some time passes and we find Jessica in the back seat of a car with her family on the way back from a trip to Disneyland. In a tragic turn of events, an army truck carrying radioactive material slams into their car and kills everyone inside, except for Jessica. See where this is going?

Jessica fell into a coma for a few months and when she finally woke up, she was adopted by a foster family with the last name Jones. Jessica decided to take their last name. But that’s not all she picked up. A few days after waking from her coma, Jessica realized that she had developed super-strength and she’d soon also gain the ability to fly.AKA Jessica Jones Netflix

By now Peter Parker has developed his Spidey powers, and as Jessica’s powers started to manifest she was ready to become a full blown super hero as well. She picks up a super suit, and uses the code name Jewel when she’s out patrolling the streets of New York. In fact, Jessica tells Spiderman that she decided to be a hero after seeing him in a fight with Sandman.This was the moment that made her want to devote herself to helping people. The two join together to fight crime wipe the criminals off the streets. The End… Right? Well… not exactly.

At this point our classic super hero origin-story takes a complete 180, and we start to realize why this story had to be in a Marvel Max story.

AKA Jessica Jones Killgrave

So, Jessica Jones (as Jewel) is out fighting crime one night and she comes upon a fight. She also finds a purple man sitting in a chair watching the fight (literally a purple man). As Jessica tries to break up the fight the purple man takes control of her mind. The first thing he does is tells her to remove all of her clothes , which she does until the police arrive and they’re forced to run off.

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