We find out that the purple man is called Kilgrave (portrayed by David Tennent in AKA Jessica Jones). Here’s where things get really fucked up. Kilgrave is a master manipulator with psychic powers. He takes control of Jessica for a full eight months! At times he would manipulate women into having sex with him, and force Jessica Jones to watch as he did. He then would implant into Jessica the desire to join in. He forced her to beg him to join, but he refused her every-time.

It’s clear that Marvel chose to put AKA Jessica Jones on Netflix in order to explore these darker themes. They have to find a way to convey this kind of psychological mind-fuck, so it’s possible they’ll incorporate this into the show in some way.

AKA Jessica Jones Killgrave

Kilgrave is Daredevil’s arch nemesis. While still in control of Jessica Jones he gives her the command to kill Daredevil, and to kill any hero that gets in her way. By this point Kilgrave’s influence has seeped so deep into Jessica’s mind that she feels like the decisions she’s making are her own. Even once she realizes that what she’s doing is wrong, she’s unable to stop the impulses of her body.

While in pursuit of Daredevil, Jessica is confronted by Scarlet Witch. Obeying Kilgrave’s commands, Jessica attacks Scarlet and the two fight until the Avengers appear to break up the duel. But they don’t just stop after they’ve made peace. The Vision relentlessly beats Jessica and bludgeons her into a deep coma (yes, again). Meanwhile, Captain Marvel discovers that Jessica was under the influence of the purple man. With the help of Jean Grey (of the X-men) they help Jones wake up from her coma and deal with the physical and emotional trauma of the past eight months. Marvel will want to tie the Avengers into the Netflix series in some way. I doubt any Avengers will appear in the show, but they’ll find a way to incorporate the team off-camera.

AKA Jessica Jones Netflix

Eventually the Avengers revisit Jones and apologize for the severity of their attack. They offer to have her join the Avengers as a full time member of the team. Only at this point, Jones would rather eat shit than be a part of the super hero community. She’s still so emotionally distraught by Kilgrave’s mind control, and additionally, realizes that no one came to her aid in the 8 months that she was his puppet. At this point in the story, Jessica Jones is a completely broken hero.

Later, Jessica starts to piece her life back together and forms her firm – Alias Investigations. She gives her self a job to try to avoid the super life. Still, no matter what she does to stay away, each new case is driving her further back down the rabbit hole.

Netflix Jessica Jones

Given the popularity of the Alias series, Marvel has tried to bring Jessica Jones back into the main story line as part of Marvel’s main brand. However, transitioning a character that explored such mature themes into an all ages series proved to be difficult.

Eventually we find that Jones becomes pregnant by Luke Cage, and has since only appeared in bit parts across Marvel’s story lines. For example in Civil War where Tony Stark tried to recruit her but she decided to go to Canada and keep her baby away from the fight. On Netflix however, I think Jones will find a reason to put the suit back on for one last ride.

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones

Marvel clearly has their work cut out for them with AKA Jessica Jones. On one hand it’s not often that Marvel adapts a property that doesn’t have a huge lineage (like Spiderman or Captain America). On the other, AKA Jessica Jones is emotionally complex and deals with subject matter that Marvel has yet to tackle on the screen. Marvel is taking a huge risk with this show, but we’re expecting something completely new that’s sure to surprise fans of the cinematic universe.

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