Earlier this week we learned that Martin Freeman was cast in Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War. The web is speculating that Freeman will portray Everett Ross, a government expert on the African nation of Wakanda. This ties in nicely with Black Panthers appearance in Civil War and could mean we’ll see Freeman re-appear in the stand alone Black Panther film.

Martin Freeman Civil War

We love Martin Freeman for his roles in The Hobbit films, and Sherlock on the BBC. But he also happens to be in the greatest comedic series of all the, The Office (UK). As the character “Tim”, Freeman was surrounded by a cast of dolts and buffoons, so we don’t blame the way he’d smugly sigh into the camera from time to time. So, in that same spirit – here are 6 Martin Freeman reaction shots we’d like to see in Civil War. (GIFs Ahead!)

When he first lays eyes on Black Widow:Martin Freeman Black Widow ReactionMartin Freeman Black Widow Reaction

When he finds a way to out-wit Tony Stark:Martin Freeman Iron Man ReactionMartin Freeman Civil War

When the Vision says something that goes over everyone’s head:Martin Freeman Vision ReactionMartin Freeman Civil War

When Hawkeye tells a terrible dad joke:Martin Freeman Hawkeye ReactionMartin Freeman Civil War

When we see Captain America and Crossbones dueling it out:Martin Freeman Captain America ReactionMartin Freeman Civil War

When Thanos shows up:Martin Freeman Thanos ReactionWhen thanos finaly shows up

We could not be more excited to finally find out who Freeman’s character will be. In the meantime, get yourself some karma by sharing this post out on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

As always, stay sharp!