Picture this… a dystopian near-future Tokyo where the city is being oppressed by the evil Rokkaku group, a giant corporation that’s using their influence on society to silence youth culture. No skating, no music, no self expression whatsoever. Basically, Footloose in the future.

Jet Set Radio

In the classic Xbox and Dreamcast title Jet Set Radio, you play as Yo-Yo, the newest member of the GG’s. The GG’s are an underground roller-skating gang that’s decided to stand up against the Rokkaku group by… wait for it… spray painting graffiti all over the city. Think of it like a Tony Hawk style skater that’s more mission based, plus epic boss battles. Check out the gameplay on Youtube, the game is a completely unique experience, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Jet Set Radio Future (Amazon) is the sequel to Jet Set Radio (Present?), AKA Jet Grind Radio, which premiered on the Xbox as well as Dreamcast. The sequel features more or less the same plot and gameplay, with an even brighter, more polished look and feel.

If you’re one of the lucky few that can play the original on a working  Dreamcast console you’ll need to pony up some extra dough. Today, the game is a collectors item and can cost nearly $100 at trade shoes. We found it on Amazon for $70, so you might want to nab it while you can.

Jet Set Radio Future Cover
Jet Grind Radio Cover - Dream Cast

As for the rest of you, you’re in luck. JSR is now available on the Playstation Network and you can download it for PS3 or PS4. If you buy before the end of this weekend, you’ll get a fresh 60% discount, thats just $4 for and overlooked classic.

Both JSR and it’s sequel received high critical praise, but neither was able to crack mainstream Western audiences. For true fans though – we put together a list of some of our favorite t-shirts featuring the games’ characters, check it out here.

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