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Part 1:What’s the Backstory?
Part 2:Who are the Inhumans Characters?
Part 3:Where Does the Inhumans Movie Fit into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe?

In Part 2 of our Inhumans coverage we’re diving deep into the main Inhumans characters and our likely heroes for the the upcoming movie.

Inhumans Characters the Royal Family

Since we know that Marvel Studios doesn’t have the rights to the cast of characters in X-Men, many are speculating that the Inhumans will take their place. Similar to the X-Men, the Inhumans characters have their own agenda. We typically see them as allies to the heroes on earth but their first priority is to their own people. (Read more about their backstory in Part 1) Also like the X-Men, each Inhuman has vastly different powers. It gives Marvel Studios a new way to explore team stories – where characters can drop in and out all the time.

Today however we’re going to focus on the constants, the Royal Family of Attilan. 

Black BoltInhumans Characters Black Bolt

Black Bolt is definitively considered to be the most powerful Inhuman. Born as Blackagar Boltagon, his parents were two of Attilan’s smartest geneticists and a part of Attilan’s Genetic High Council. (Remember the selective breeding we talked about in Part 1?). What makes Black Bolt unique is that he was exposed to the Terrigan mist when he was still an embryo and, as such, developed powers way beyond the abilities of other Inhumans.

Due to his the sheer volatility of his abilities Black Bolt was locked in solitude for his first 16 years. It took him this long to fully master and control his power.

When he was released, Black Bolt quickly found that he needed to defend his family against the Kree and his evil younger brother, Maximus, who was plotting to take the throne. Inadvertently the battle resulted in the death of his parents. Being the next in line to the throne, Black Bolt was crowned king of Attilan and the Inhuman race.

Black Bolt’s Powers:

Manipulating EnergyUsing the power of his voice Black Bolt can create a particle that allows him to control objects by manipulating the electrons around him. It’s like telekinesis but instead of using his mind, Black Bolt is using his voice to affect physics.
Sonic ScreamThe Sonic Scream creates massive energy distortions in space like a hyper-loud banshee wail. That little pitch fork at the top of his head helps him control the direction and intensity. He can uses his scream to the extant that it allows him to take flight.
Telepathic AbilityBecause Black Bolt’s voice is so powerful, he can’t speak without hurting those around him. Instead, Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family share a telepathic connection and can communicate non-verbally.

Inhumans Characters Medusa

Medusa is queen of Attilan and definitely one of our favorite Inhumans characters. In the comics Medusa is a distant cousin to her husband and co-ruler, Black Bolt, but I expect Marvel Studios to change this for the film’s release.

What makes Medusa special is that she’s one of the few Inhumans characters that can actually communicate with Black Bolt. As a result one of her primary roles is as his translator. Think of her as the Claire Underwood to Black Bolt’s Frank.

She’s well versed in the political underpinnings of Attilan and is a deeply moral and fair character. She’s a fierce warrior and her primary concern is the protection of all Inhumans and her allies. Speaking of allies, in the comics, Medusa has been a close friend to the Fantastic Four and has even been a full fledged member of the Avengers. We might see here join the team in the MCU for a “post-Infinty War” Avengers film.

Medusa’s Powers:

Medusa’s HairAs her name implies, all of Medusa’s powers come from her hair. Medusa’s hair has the strength of steel and she can control each strand independently. Mostly this is to thrash people or objects around, but she can also use it to form shapes and for shielding. She can even stretch her hair to limitless lengths, which can come in handy when you’re dealing with a handful of Kree warriors.

Inhumans Characters Crystal

Crystal is Medusa younger sister and has control of the the four major elements. earth, air, fire, and water.

Crystal is the biggest Inhuman “ambassador” across the Marvel Universe. If there’s a cross-over event between the Inhumans and the Avengers, you can bet that Crystal will be involved. It’s very strange for an Inhuman to marry a human but Crystal was the first person to marry outside of the Inhuman race when she got hitched with Quicksilver. Based on the event of Age of Ultron, we now know that wont happen in the MCU.

Crystal’s Powers:

FireBy controlling Oxygen molecules, Crystal can spontaneously cause fire to ignite or douse any fire by eliminating all oxygen from the area.
WaterSimilarly, Crystal can join hydrogen and oxygen molecules from miles away to create rain. Shen can also control the surface tension of water and cause it to move and flow in designated directions. There is a limit to how much water she can manipulate, so don’t expect to see Crystal parting seas or reversing rivers in the Inhumans movie.
EarthWhen it comes to the earth, Crystal can manipulate virtually any rock. She can create earthquakes, tremors, and rifts in the Earth’s surface near her.
AirBy using oxygen molecules, Crystal can effect winds and pressure in the atmosphere. She can combine here abilities to manipulate air and earth to create dust storms, or combine air and water to cause a typhoon.

Inhumans Characters Gorgon

Gorgon is another cousin of Black Bolt’s and is a general or military leader in Attilan. Gorgon underwent Terrigenesis twice and, the second time, emerged as a centaur without the back half of the horse. Gorgon has the power to create shockwaves by stomping his powerful hooves.

As far as Inhumans characters go, Gorgon is definitely the thuggish brute of the group.  He’s big, strong and is often seen combat training with the Royal Family and other Inhumans. He’s considered to be one of Attilan’s best warriors.

A connection to Gorgon already exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Korath, the character played by Dijimon Hounsou in Guardians of the Galaxy, is Gorgon’s father. We just might see Gorgon appear before the other Inhumans, potentially in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (More on this in Part 3).

Gorgon’s Powers:

ShockwavesBy stomping his powerful hooves, Gorgon creates earthquakes and can direct intense shockwaves towards his enemies.
Strength & DurabilityGorgon will always be the last man standing on the battlefield. Most Inhumans have a weaker immune system than the average human, but that’s not the case for Gorgon.

Inhumans Characters Triton

Triton and Karnak are brothers. When Triton was expose to the Terrigan mist as a child he emerged with green, scaly skin and could only breathe water. While this meant that Triton could survive extremely cold temperatures and explore the oceans depths, he became confined to a completely aquatic environment.

Being a member of the Royal Family, Triton was given a designated area of Attilan. Because of his limitations we don’t see Triton along as many adventures with the family. More recently however he’s been given a breathing apparatus and become a more integral part of the family.

Triton’s Powers:

Water SurvivalTriton’s physical deformities, including webbed hands and feet and a dorsal fin give him the ability to swim at great speed. He can survive underwater indefinitely and withstand water pressures at any depth.
Enhanced SightTriton’s vision has adapted to the darkness of deep waters. He’s more sensitive to the green portion of the visual spectrum meaning he can see farther in the absence of light.

KarnakInhumans Characters Karnak

Karanak is an Inhuman, but he was never exposed to the Terrigan mist because his parents we’re concerned he would emerge like his brother Triton. Instead Karnak was sent to a monastery where he trained to become a warrior.

Karnak has an innate ability to look at a building, object, or enemy and identify its weakest points or vulnerabilities. He’s the Inhumans primary strategist and planner. While he’s a very competent fighter, his acute intellect and time at the monastery has lead many Inhumans characters see Karnak as a religious or philosophical figure.

TL;DR – He’s got a big head, he’s the smart one.

Karnak’s Powers:

Fighting SkillsAlthough Karnak was never exposed to Terrigan mist, he’s developed formidable fighting skills as a result of Inhuman Royal Militia training.
Extrasensory AbilityAchieved through a high level of meditation and intensive training, Karnak can perceive stress points, fracture planes, or weaknesses in objects or people. He is capable of shattering substances up to and including mild steel and rendering superhuman opponents unconscious by striking them.

Inhumans Characters Lockjaw

Without a doubt, Lockjaw is the coolest of all the Inhumans characters. He’s also the weirdest. Lockjaw is basically a dog that was exposed to the Terrigan mist and developed powers as a result. He’s also huge, he’s a giant bulldog that serves as companion and bodyguard to the Royal Family.

Lockjaw’s primary job, however, is as a transporter. The pup has the power to create portals in space and he uses them to teleport the Royal Family from place to place. He’s particularly important as he can enable travel between Attilan and Earth.

In the comics Lockjaw is actually a part of the Pet Avengers, but something tells me it will be a long time before Marvel Studios decide to bring that story to the big screen.

Lockjaw’s Powers:

Super-CanineLockjaw’s size seemingly amplifies his attributes as a dog. He has a super powerful jaw and is able to ingest infinite amounts of matter of any kind.
TeleportationLockjaw can teleport himself and those around him anywhere across the galaxy.
Super SmellAny good dog is only as good as their nose. Lockjaw can psionically trace smells across millions of miles in space.
EmpathyLockjaw can sense when people are in trouble. Just like you’re dog might sense that something is wrong with you after a long day at work.

Maximus the MadInhumans Characters Maximus the Mad

Maximus is Black Bolt’s younger brother and is the primary antagonist in Attilan. During Black Bolt’s years of isolation, Maximus was vying for power and attempted to usurp the throne. He’ll try anything he can become king.

The series of comics depict Maximus staging coupe after coupe, and at times he’s successful. Think of Maximus as the Loki to Black Bolt’s Thor. He’s always plotting to overthrow his brother.

Maximus the Mad’s Powers:

Genius IntellectEven with out his exposure to Terrigan mist, Maximus posses super human intelligence. He’s an ingenious inventor with an expert knowledge of physics, mechanics and biology. He was able to invent weapons to enhance his existing telepathic ability.
Mind ControlMaximus can take control over, numb or even erase a person’s mind. His Jedi like powers allow him to induce amnesia in others, or even incept suggestive messages in someones brain that can be activated later.


So! These are the eight Inhumans characters that you’ll need to know. I fully expect all of these characters to end up in the Inhumans movie in some form or another. Next go film by film and break down the current status of the Inhumans characters in the MCU. be sure to check out Part 3: Where Do the Inhumans Fit into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe?

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