Star Wars Rebels Storm Trooper BlasterWhat is Star Wars Rebels? Today is your last chance to watch the show for free on and find out for yourself.

Star Wars Rebels is the newest 3D animated Star Wars TV series which premiered last October on Disney XD. The show takes place about 14 years after Revenge of the Sith, and just 5 years before the events of Episode IV: A New Hope. Rebels features a rag-tag team of heroes including a Jedi in training, ass-kicking pilots, and nerf-herding scoundrels. The plot centers around the events leading up to the formation of the Rebellion and reveals some of the mysteries behind the Empire.

Star Wars Rebels SquadMany are touting the series as the Prequel Trilogy that should have been. Aesthetically, the show bridges the gap between the polished, functioning world of the prequels and the chaotic Galactic disarray that is the galaxy under the Empire’s control. Best of all, you’ll find some of your favorite character from the Star Wars films, but we won’t spoil exactly who they are.

The first season is still free to stream, but only for one more day. Watch it here before it disappears (you’ll need an account w/ to watch).  Take this Sunday to catch up in time for Season 2 which is already scheduled for release on June, 20th.

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