Eventually, Kamala makes it back home, just in time to find her parents waiting for her. Superhuman or not, she totally gets grounded and is confined to her high-school and house. Tough luck!

Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel Powers

But Kamala feels that she has her powers for a reason. She can save lives, she can BE her superhero idols and not just dream about them. This is what she’s always wanted, to be a superhero, just like Captain Marvel. Kamala spends the next day trying to control her powers and researches polymorphing, the ability to grow and shrink. At one point she she starts to lose control and freaks out after accidentally transforming into her mother. No one wants to end up exactly like their parents right.

On her way home after school, Kamala swings by her friend Bruno’s convenience store to find that he’s being robbed at gun point. She tries to call 9-1-1, but her phones dead – then she thinks… “Wait, I have powers, I can handle this.” She quickly changes back into Ms. Marvel and rushes into the store. She makes her hand giant and grabs and squeezes the crook. The robber begs Kamala (as Ms. Marvel) to stop.

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel

Just then, the robbers gun goes off and the bullet hits Kamala in the stomach. She falls to the ground, and the crook flees the screen. Kamala starts to panic and changes back into her normal self. She realizes that when she’s herself, she can heal almost instantaneously. The bullet comes out, and she’s back to normal in no time.

Kamala learns that the robber is actually a good guy, who’s in trouble with a local gang. She takes it upon herself to help. Only now, Kamala is done with transforming into what she once idolized as a the real Ms. Marvel. She creates a makeshift costume of her own and just like that, the new Ms. Marvel is born.

Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel is Born

Kamala learns that looking the part of a superhero doesn’t actually give her more confidence. Being someone else isn’t liberating, its exhausting. Being a superhero, and looking like a superhero do not have to go hand in hand. What’s more meaningful is to have the courage to rush to someones aid and be able to save them. For that reason, she knows the name Ms. Marvel is rightfully hers.

We see Kamala fight crime, as you might expect in a superhero story. But, what we love about Ms. Marvel is that it explores uncharted territory in the comic book world. That is, the story of Kamala’s life as a Pakistani-American teenager.

Kamala Khan GIF

Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel is unique in that she represents an effeort by creators at Marvel to portray the world like it is. Not everyone is white, jacked and good looking. So why is that the way superheroes are always portrayed? Along with the new hispanic Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Kamala brings an unprecedented ethnic diversity to a major comic book series, and to the world of Marvel Comics in general.

So who is Kamala Khan? She symbolizes a response to a global desire for representation. Black, white, muslim, christian, gay or straight, her story fundamentally encourages us to embrace that which makes us who we are. The comics even include an old school letters column in the back of each issue. Fans write in each month to say how important Kamala is to them. They call themselves the Kamala Korps, and effectively have built a space in the comic book world for the under-represented. They’re a part of the fandom, and a part of the industry as a whole.

Kamala Khan Ms. Marvela

Marvel was once famous for being the first to present superheroes with the struggles of day to day life. We’re now seeing heroes face those challenges in a world thats more similar to our own, a world that feels more like it actually exists.

Continue on to Part 2 to find out if a Kamala Khan TV series is actually going to happen, and see exactly where it fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it stands.

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