The Abbot, Bobby Digital,  the Rzarector, whatever you like to call him, you gotta admit RZA is the ultimate jack of all trades. The actor, author, musician, producer, and artist came back to Reddit this week for another AMA. This time the rapper was promoting his latest film, The Man with The Iron Fists 2 (Buy It) which debuts direct to Blu-ray and on-demand on 4/20 (very clever, RZA).


For those of you that haven’t seen the original film yet,  put it in you’re queue immediately. The film is written and directed by RZA, a lover of classic Kung Fu, and it’s exactly what you would expect. We’ll dive back into to TMWIF2 in a few weeks for a round up of the reviews.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I forgot to mention the soundtrack from the first film. Give it a listen on Spotify, and make sure to check out RZA’s collabo with Kanye West, “White Dress” (YouTube). RZA also spoke about working with Kanye in a recent interview saying that on this track “Line for line, [Kanye] was going in.”

Finally, while we’re on the topic of RZA, you absolutely have to check out this killer portrait from an artist that I only know as GOBLIN. Unfortunately this piece isn’t on sale yet, but it could be… Seriously, check out GOBLIN on Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram, send him an @ message, and convince him to make some prints. Personally, I can’t wait to put this up in my bathroom. 🙂

The RZA Portrait - Goblin Artwork


Be sure to send an email to and let us know what you thought of The Man with the Iron Fists 2.  As always, stay sharp.


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